Extreme Cleaning Technologies ®

Paint Stripping

Kolene® Corporation offers unique paint and powder stripping processes that can clean racks and hooks in a matter of seconds.  The stripping action is thorough and fast. We can design systems that install directly into your coating conveyer line.  And you can strip your hooks and racks at your normal line speeds too.

The Kolene Kontinuous™ process provides you with 100% coating removal every time your hooks and racks complete a trip through your line.  It provides you with optimum grounding each time you rack your parts, and also improves run-to-run consistency that you can't duplicate with other stripping methods.

Effective on all common types of paint and powder, Kontinuous stripping helps to leverage your coating line investment by controlling the least appreciated line element - the importance of properly cleaned hooks and racks.  Now you can achieve complete control of your coating results, without the need for extra sets of racks and the labor and downtime required to change racks.

Contact us today to find out more about Kolene Kontinuous stripping.  Or visit our main reference site to see animations of the Kontinuous process, review our technical information, and find out more about Kolene:

Kolene Kontinuous Rack and Hook Stripping